Medical transcription made easy

Medical transcription is the easiest and most cost effective way to transcribe audio notes to text. Speech recognition software still requires you to review and edit your own notes, in addition to learning a new technology. Let one of our skilled transcriptionists take this extra work off your plate, freeing up more time for patient care and life outside the office.

With VIVA you can expect:

  • No special training or software installation
  • 3 levels of quality assurance & fast turnaround times
  • Top-level security with SSL encryption provided by GeoTrust RapidSSL
  • EHR integration options
  • Dedicated account managers

How It Works

Get the App

Dictate with your iPhone or iPad!

  1. Download and purchase the dictation app from iTunes store.
  2. Notify your account manager or e-mail us at:

Dictate with your android smartphone or device!

  1. Download and purchase the dictation app from Google Play.
  2. Notify your account manager or e-mail us at: help@localhost.

Customer Reviews

Regardless of your specialty, we meet all your medical transcription needs.
Need audio transcribed that falls outside of the medical industry? Let us know what you’re looking for – we’re happy to help!

What We Offer

How It Works

  1. Dictate patient notes one of three ways: smartphone app, digital voice recorder or a dial-in dictation system.
  2. VIVA receives your recording using secure file transfer protocol.
  3. A professionally trained transcriptionist transcribes your dictation.
  4. The transcription passes through no less than three levels of quality control and is always reviewed by a native English speaker.
  5. Within one business day you have access to your accurately transcribed notes in your online VIVA Transcription account. Need your notes faster? We also offer a short turn around time of 4-6 hours on request.
VIVA Transcription makes managing medical records easy.
Find out why clinics and hospitals across the U.S. and Canada trust VIVA with all their medical transcription needs.