We don’t take selling your business lightly

You’ve built a successful business from the ground up, but as the industry has changed, you’ve found yourself taking on more and more work without the bonus of a promotion.

Everyday, or even every hour, you find yourself wearing a different hat, juggling the responsibilities of a manager, bookkeeper, IT support, and backup transcriptionist. It’s nearly impossible to take a real vacation, and yet, this business is yours.

Your employees rely on you and you’ve built trusted relationships with your clients over many years of dedicated support and service. It’s hard to imagine a life without the business, but you don’t have much of a life outside of work because of it.

What if you could leave the stress of running a business behind, while still knowing that your employees and clients are receiving the same high quality care that you provided for all those years?

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But you know you can’t trust just anyone with your business.

When you sell to VIVA, you’re not just handing over the reigns of your business to a faceless corporation – you’re ensuring your clients continue receiving top-quality transcriptions and that your employees continue working for a respected company that highly values the men and women on their team.

We have a team of men and women with backgrounds in transcription, management, IT support, accounting, and more to ensure that all our bases are covered. We value our client relationships and the well-being of our employees above anything else.

How It Works

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Customer Reviews

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